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Thursday 12-3-15

It’s been a tough past couple of days…but that’s what we do, make them gainz!

Today in Open Gym, everyone is welcome to come Row, get some meters in for the 100,000m challenge. We’re so excited to hear how people are getting their meters in and it makes us so proud to hear how people are making the effort to get out and get in a run when they may not otherwise. Congrats everyone!

Open Gym (1) Make up a missed workout

(2) Skill: Practice Double Unders

(3) Workout with Skill: Focusing on speed, do the following, -20 Double Unders -10 Burpees, FAST! -20 Calorie Row, SPRINT! Rest 3:00 Repeat 2 more times

Swink Barbell Snatch -1@70%, 1@75%, 5×1 @80%

Clean & Jerk -3×1@70%

Front Squat -3×2@70%

When weight isn’t quite enough!

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