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Thursday 11-5-15

Those test workouts though….sheesh! Congrats to everyone who completed them, proud of you all.

Time for some Open Gym and Barbell if you can make it out.

Last thing, what date for “Swinksgiving” would you all like the most, Nov. 27th or 28th. Either it’s a Friday or Saturday following Thanksgiving. Please comment, we’d love to know what works best for most. Potluck style fa sho!

Open Gym (1) Make up a missed workout, or one you will miss

(2) Skill: -Handstands, Handstand Pushups

(3) Workout with Skill: 5-10-15-20 -Power Cleans, (descending weight) -HSPU

Swink Barbell Technique: -Muscle Clean + Press in Clean – 3 x (3+3)

Block Clean -5×2 @70%

Hang Clean High-Pull (below knee) -3×3 @70%

Clean Pull on Riser -3×3 @80%

We’re stocked with Xendurance if anyone wants new Creatine, Pre Workout, Protein, Hydration drink mix or Endurance Lactate buffer. Ask us about it!

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