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Thursday 11-14-13

Tonight is open gym from 4-8pm. Usually we write 3-4 different workouts from you to choose from. We’ll do the same, except we are dubbing Thursday’s as “PR and Competition Thursdays”. The CrossFit is coming in a few months, so we are going to be prepping you all for a competition type feel. We’ll pull workouts from past Open workouts, past Regional workouts, and past Games workouts. We’ll also be using workouts from other local and national competitions. “PR” (personal record) for doing possible maxes or even faster times on past workouts. If you’ve ever done a workout in the past and feel like you could have done better or know you can kill your old time, well then it’s time to PR!

(1st) Open Workout 11.1 (2011) 10:00 AMRAP -30 Double Unders -15 Snatches (75/55)

(2nd) 2009 South America Regionals Event 2 5 Rounds for time: -5 Clean and Jerk (135/75) -10 Burpees

(3rd) Oktoberfest Obliteration V 2013-Scaled Event 1 “Down South” For Time: -40 DB Man-Makers (45/30)


All those Fran times were amazing! People getting a PR on their time, people using heavier weight and less resistance, people doing it for the first time! It was amazing to watch.

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