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Thursday 10-8-15

As we head into the weekend, please look out for our Friday or this coming Monday’s post about a few changes going forward. We mentioned there were going to be a few coming this month. We just want to be able to inform you all, so be looking for those/be sure to read them.

Also, don’t forget that on Oct. 17th that we’d love to have you all out for the Midlothian Fall Festival 5K. We have a team, Swink Athletics, that you guys can join!  The link is here.

Open Gym

(1) Make up missed workout

(2) Skill work: Handstands, focusing on a tight, rigid body.

(3) Workout focused on the skills: 3 Rounds: -30 sec Handstand Hold -15 Cal Row

Swink Barbell Technique: -Muscle Clean + Press in Clean -3 x (3+3)

Block Clean -5×2 @70%

Hang Clean High-Pull -3×3 @70%

Clean Deadlift on Riser -3×3 @80%


Oh that Fundamentals workout…!

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