• Betsy

Thursday 10-22-15

What. A. Day.

The gym was alive all night, thank you all for coming out! We had some visitors and they only had the best things to say about our gym and the community that comes with it. Thank you all for your continued support and love. We truly cannot do this without you all.

Reminder there will be no Barbell class this evening because we are doing YOGA WITH AMY!!! We would love everyone’s support with this if you’re able to make it. It starts at 6:30 and will run roughly an hour like a normal class. We hope to see all your faces out there and if you have a yoga mat, bring that sucker!

There still is Open Gym starting at 4pm, but we’ll let Amy have the floor starting at 6:30, which is when we’ll stop Open Gym for the night. Thank you all for understanding.

Open Gym (1) Make up a missed workout

(2) Skill: Power Snatch

(3) Workout focused on Skill: 15:00 EMOTM -1 Power Snatch*

*it’s plenty of time to do only 1 Rep. The weight should be manageable, not too heavy. It should not dictate how your form is done. Again, this is a skill workout, so focus on the skill part first and foremost!

Here’s a video of a Power Snatch.


Thanks to Rachel from Xendurance, Liz and Phillip from Lulu and Tommy with Fit Fuel Foods all for coming out tonight. We’re fortunate that we get to provide these opportunities to you guys.

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