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Thursday 10-1-15

October is here everyone and we will be doing a few things different going things going forward. We will tell you about those in the coming days.

One difference will be a bit of guidance for those of you who need an idea of areas to work on during our open gym hours. One clear idea is to make up any missed workout that has showed up this week so far. If for instance you missed Mondays opportunity to build to a tough single on Clean and Jerk, this would be your opportunity.

Open Gym (1) Make up missed workout

(2) Skill work: Clean technique, Double Under practice

(3) Workout focused on the skills: 3 Rounds: -5 Squat Cleans, tough -25 Double Unders

Swink Barbell Power Snatch + Drop Snatch -2×(1+1) @70%, 2×(1+1) @75%, 2×(1+1) @80%, (% of Power Snatch)

Power Clean + Power Jerk -2×(1+1) @70%, 2×(1+1) @75%, 2×(1+1) @80%, (% of weaker lift)

Front Squat -1×4 @70%, 3×4 @75%


Hey everyone, make sure to check out the Events coming up, including this Saturday!

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