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Thursday 1-7-16

What a week it’s been so far, a tough one no doubt. Today we find out what the first Row’d Royalty workout is going to be. It should release at 7pm instead of 5pm…bummer. You’re still welcome to do the workout that evening or any day before 7pm Monday. You must submit your score by then.

If you’d like to still sign up, go to to sign up, you still have time.

Also, if you get a chance head over and read our Member of the Month post.

Don’t forget we have 20% off of retail going on now until Friday. Come pick up you some protein, pre workout, fish oil, remaining apparel, headbands, etc etc!!

Open Gym 1) Make up a missed workout

2) Skill to work on: -Double Unders

3) Workout with Skill: Similar to Tuesdays workout, but with a different movement at the end 3×4:00 Rounds with 1:30 rest -400m Run -40/60 Double Unders -Max Ring Dips/Ring Rows

Swink Barbell Technique: Slow-Pull Clean (5 sec to mid-thigh) + Hang Power Clean (mid-thigh) + Hang Clean (mid-thigh) -4 x (1+1+1)

Clean & Jerk -70% x (1+1) x 5 OTM, 75% x (1+1) x 5 OTM, 80% x (1+1) x 5 OTM -If after these 15 sets on the minute you feel good, continue to a heavy single with a max of 5 more singles

Clean Pull -90%x2, 100%x2, 3×2 @110%

Back Squat -70%x3, 3×3 @75%


1) Go check out the post on Anneliese 2) Wishing it was warm to enjoy that water…

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