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Thursday 1-28-16

Thursday is all about structure….sort of.

Come on in to Open Gym and get some things done! Roll out and use the lacrosse ball to spend time on mobility. Take time to work on a skill such as Double Unders or Cleans. Then apply what you practiced to a workout. Or better yet…come in at 3:30 or again at 5:30 to get some Open Prep done.

Today, we workout with the theme of “the Open.” We’ll strategize, plan and attack a workout. So come in to one of those times to try this out. We’ll also have Barbell.

Open Prep Skill: -Toes 2 Bar

Open Prep Workout -surprise…just come do it.

Swink Barbell Snatch -70%x1, 75%x1, 80%x1, 2×1 @85%

Clean & Jerk -70%×1, 75%×1, 2×1 @80%

Snatch Pull -3×2 @95%

Front Squat -3×3 @75%


Article I’m currently reading…it’s a gooood one, so prepare to be sore.

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