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Thursday 1-21-16

Alright guys, the time has come for our first “Open Prep” class and we’re very excited to be able to help you all out.

You may be thinking, “I can’t do a pullup, how can this benefit me.” However, this can teach you to control your body under force, learn to transfer power from the hips into the “extremities” and lay the foundation when that time comes to do your first kipping pullup!

This class will be at 5:30pm and we truly hope to see you all there. This will be the “Open Gym” work for the day.

We still have Barbell though!

Swink Barbell Technique: Slow-Pull Clean (5 sec to mid-thigh) + Hang Power Clean (mid-thigh) + Hang Clean (mid-thigh) -4 x (1+1+1)

Clean & Jerk -H.S. -2× (90%x1, 95%×1, 100%×1) (% of H.S.)

Clean Pull -95%x2, 95%x2, 3×2 @100%

Back Squat -70%x3, 3×3 @75%

Don’t miss this class!

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