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The Road Trip

At the gym, so many topics come up. I mean we talk about everything. Some topics are actually relevant to an issue, some go on tangents and others may just be funny/borderline inappropriate! Either way, we’ve become this one big family that no topic ever seems off limits.

However, one that does seem to come up often is this idea of being “good” at a certain workout or better yet….being “bad” at a workout. First of all, there is no such thing. But what we’re referring to is the thought that because what is on the board for you to do does not align with your strengths or movements you enjoy, then, almost automatically, you’re now bad at this workout or will perform badly.

The reason this post is titled The Road Trip is because of this: On a road trip, you must plan out if you’ll need to stop at a gas station, where you’d like to eat, if you need to sleep somewhere, etc. All of those stops along the way are appreciated because without these stops, you may not get to your destination.

However, when this is applied to the “road trip” that is your fitness journey, a small few do not appreciate the stops you make along the way. I have had people join the gym and LITERALLY could not put the 15lb bar over their head. Talk about a struggle. Now, lifting close to 100lbs over their head. Looking at that accomplishment, and many others, on paper, one may say “wow, that’s amazing, good job!” But for some, it’s not enough.

We do live in a pretty screwed up society where the focus is almost always on the newest thing or the best technology or what is “so and so” wearing. We get caught up in what we want next and don’t appreciate the things we have or have accomplished.

What I want you all to know is that when you all first walked in the gym and did your first workout, almost every one of you would have never guessed you would be as far along on your fitness journey, whatever it may be, as you are now. That may be the fact that you’re now stronger or faster or quicker or lighter or WHATEVER! The workouts we give you will never be easy. You’ll always be challenged because now you’re faster/stronger/quicker/lighter and because of that, the workout is now a different challenge. Appreciate it. Smile about it. The new-you would run circles around the old-you. The old-you would slap the new-you for not being thankful of where you are now.

You have made many stops along your road trip. Be thankful they were there. Be prepared for the next but do not try to speed to get there. Enjoy the scenery, celebrate the victories, smile and know that you’re doing just fine!

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