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The Open at Swink

Alright guys, the week is here when we learn the first workout of a 5-week long competition. It’s gotten us all excited and we can’t wait to find out what kind of “fun” they have in store for us. 

The next 5 weeks will prove a few things to us both individually and as a whole but we have a few technical things to go over. This is something we all want you guys to read, please.

***Swink Sweat*** How the Open affects you guys in the greatest of all classes, so please read this. For the next 5 weeks, every Friday night, starting at 5:30pm, we will perform a workout given to us by CrossFit Headquarters. This workout is unknown to us until the Thursday before at 7pm. Then, we all come together on the next day, Friday, to do this workout all starting at 5:30pm. Sometimes it may be long, short, technical, etc, but regardless, it is a workout. Seeing as how your class is at 6:30pm, you’ll come in right in the mix of it all.

What we want for you all is that you continue to come in, for your normal class time, and take on this workout as you would any other Friday evening. We will modify the movements a bit, but you’ll get an opportunity to experience the Open with us all, the Swink Family.

To sum it all up, you guys are still on to take on a workout every Friday evening. Things may be a little different as far as the environment, but none the less, you’ll get a good sweat in!

***Swink Intro*** You’re class will take part just before we begin the Open workouts. Nothing changes for you on those Fridays, the only thing you all may notice is that more than usual people may be coming in or a bit louder volume in the gym than usual.

***Everyone else*** This does excite us very much and we can’t wait. However, we know not everyone will be able to make it on Friday nights. So what does this mean?! Well, all Friday classes are doing these workouts anyway.

If you’re a 5:30am person, you just may have to wait a turn to do your workout, as there will only be 1 person there to judge the workouts.

If you’re a 9am person, same thing, we’ll have to go in singles as there is only one judge.

If you need to go at 4:30pm, same goes, 1 judge. You may get lucky and we might have a second judge.

Finally, if you just can’t make Friday as a whole you have a couple options.

Option 1: You do the workout Thursday evening, when it’s released at 7pm.

Option 2: You can do the workout Saturday morning, before or after the 9:45am class.

Option 3: You do the workout, last minute mind you, on Monday anytime before 7pm!!!!

Finally, if you haven’t signed up yet, head over to to sign up, it’s $20. We also don’t want you to think that just because you didn’t sign up that you’re not invited to the Friday Night Lights event. We want all of everyone’s support, so come on out! And on Thursday nights for the reveal, we will be at the gym, watching it live and we would love for you to join us for that as well as we most likely will be talking movements, game plans, testing it to an extent and anything else we can think of! So come join us.

To wrap this all up, we just hope you are all excited to take on this challenge as we are and look forward to seeing everyone go after this.


This should be fun!!

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