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Saturday 8-19-17

Alright everyone, today is the day we’ve been excited for. We have so many things going on today we want to make sure you’re there for it.

Virtuosity Shoppe will be in the house at about 8:45am so be sure to get there for that so you can get all the gear you need.

Partner workout goes down at 9:45am and we hope you all can make it with all your friends and family.

Finally, Mach1 Foods will be there to give their Nutrition Lecture at 10:30 and you sure don’t want to miss that, so clear your schedules.

Swink Fundamentals

Partner workout

P1 works for 1:00 while P2 rests, then switch, for a total of 14:00

-100 Ground 2 Overhead with a plate

-100 Lunges, holding the plate

-100 Burpees to a plate

*if you finish the reps, start over at the beginning.

Oh those plates…

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