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Saturday 8-12-17

Don’t forget guys, next week, next Saturday, we have 2 guests in the house and we would love for you all to be there. Starting with our 9:45am workout where we HIGHLY encourage you to bring your friend that day….or friends. Then at 10:30am we have our Nutrition Lecture. Be there.

Swink Fundamentals

Partner workout, 1 person works, 1 person holds a postion/weight

(P1) 15/12 Calorie Row

(P2) Deadlift Hold

Then switch,

-30 reps of “abs”

(P1) 25 WallBalls

(P2) Hang from pullup bar

Then switch,

-30 reps of “abs”

(P1) 20/15 Calorie Bike

(P2) Weight hold

Then switch,

-30 reps or “abs”

The face you make when your partner won’t row fast enough and you can’t hold weight any longer….

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