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Saturday 5-3-14

Remember, payment is due for your membership. Also, we’ve had some new faces in the gym, a lot of them, so make sure you walk over and introduce yourself to them and just chat with them to make them feel welcome….not that they aren’t welcome, ha.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Hip Mobility

Skill: Med Ball Clean

13:00 Ladder: -1 WallBall (20/14) -10 Med Ball Lunges -10 Med Ball Squat Cleans -10 Med Ball AbMat Situps -2 WallBalls -10 -10 -10 -3 WallBalls So on and so on…

*if you drop the med ball at any time or let it rest on the ground, there is a penalty.


It is insane the difference you all can make in a year and they are all positive. Dani shows you that some hard work and clean eating go a long way!!

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