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Saturday 11-22-14

It’s a partner kind of day!  So bring your homies or familia, tell them you’re going to get donuts, and bring them here…..with the donuts of course!  😉

Also, ALL NEXT WEEK WE ARE DOING A FREE WEEK FOR ALL TEACHERS.   Because you will be out of school anyway, why not get some “me time” and come get a workout. Any of our Fundamentals classes are open for you teachers and our lady teachers, you also get Project Booty classes to come to as well. So please, help us spread the word!!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill: Goblet Hold!!

5 Rounds for time: Both partners must perform: -Partner 1 does 30 Double Swings (50/35) -Partner 2 does a hollow body hang from either the pullup bar or rings -Then- Both Partners must perform: -Partner 1 does Calorie Row (25/20) -Partner 2 does a Goblet Hold (50/35) -Then- Both Partners must perform: -Partner 1 does 20 WallBalls (20/14) -Partner 2 does High Plank Hold

**if the partner doing the static hold drops/falls/rests, the partner doing the reps must stop and can only continue once the partner holding resumes.


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