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Saturday 10-12-13

Time to get after a partner workout. Grab your friend or meet a new one at the gym, we’re getting after it.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance 25:00 AMRAP Partner 1: -Row for Max Calories

Partner 2: -15 Air Squats -12 Weighted Situps w/ Medicine Ball -9 Wall Balls (20/14) -6 Pushups with feet on Medicine Ball

The partners switch when Partner 2 finishes one round. The score is the total amount of calories rowed.

“Home-Work” 13:00 AMRAP The score for this workout comes from the final 3:00 of the workout. So the first 10:00 will be for conditioning, the last 3:00 turn it on! 10:00 repeat the following: -10 Air Squats -8 Pushups -10 Pikes 3:00 -Max Burpees

This is a continuous workout, no break from the 10:00 to the 3:00 of burpees.  We want EVERYONE to try this!  If you have questions, send us a message over text or comment below, we’ll help for sure!


Just flexin’, no biggie!

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