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Saturday 10-11-14

Just a reminder, there is no class today, Saturday the 11th. The workout we post will be an at home workout we encourage you to do before the end of the day! Post your scores to the comments so we can see how you did.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance Warm Up: 2 Rounds of -10 High Kicks -10 Butt Kicks -10 Side Lunges -10 Deep Lunges -5 Pushups + Downdog -10 Hollow Rocks

Skill: -Practice doing handstands for about 5:00-7:00

15:00 AMRAP -10 Jumping Squats -10 Lunges/leg (20 total) -8 Hand Release Pushups (chest has to touch the ground) -8 Pikes/V-Ups

Each round is 36 total reps (10+10+8+8) so your score once the time is done is the amount of reps completed in 15:00

*If you have any weighted objects at home, such as dumbbells or any other object you can hold on to, feel free to add it to the squats and lunges.

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