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Reflections on Friday

First of all, we would like to say we are very proud of you all for taking on that workout today and everyday you come to the gym. Today was especially difficult.

Let us just start by saying we can all find the faults in our performance, in any instance. Whether we should of studied longer for the test or had a better speech for a presentation. That’s not what this reflection about today should be about. The workout today was tough, long and technically difficult. The fact that you all took on the challenge head on is something to be proud of.

Some have asked us what the word Swink means. It is an archaic word meaning to drudge or toil. We hate to be cheesy, but to be a part of the Swink Family means you are willing to toil away, at anything, not just a workout. You all have become so much stronger than when you first stepped into the gym. Ya, your 1 rep maxes or your double-under numbers have gone up and improved but we would like to think you all have become mentally stronger than ever.

That mental strength is like any other muscle and will fatigue. No one can be mentally strong day in and day out and sometimes the body won’t listen to the directions your brain gives it. This is normal. But to still go forth and tackle something like today is what makes us a better athlete, brother, daughter, mother, grandfather, etc.

So, going forward, take what you learned from today, turn it into a positive and get mentally strong again and be ready for the new challenges that will come your way, we all know they’re coming. The old saying “only the strong will survive” could not have any more truth to it and we are certain you all can attest to that. We believe in you all, our Swink Family.

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