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READ ME Monday 1-6-14

Please note: This is a long explanation of one thing that we would love you all to read. We think it can help some gain some focus going into the new year, setting new goals, and keeping those resolutions you made. If you can’t read this now, scroll down for the workout. But, please come back to this later to read.

For all our current, future and past members, please read. For all family and friends of someone that attends or attended our gym, please read. Think for a minute about the quality of a product. You can usually tell the quality of a product by it’s make up. If you were to compare, say, tires for instance, you could almost tell the difference in quality from the sales person telling you the product details, what the tire is capable of doing, and usually the price. Think about those tires. Would you want the cheaper tire other than the fact that it saves money?! Wouldn’t you want the tire that lasts longer, that controls better under stress, that has a better quality make up?! Almost all of you would say yes.

The example doesn’t stop with tires either. This could go on and on about a lot. However, what would a responsible adult do in the decision of buying the different tires? Would that person think of family safety? Whatever decisions that person goes through to buy those tires, they are almost always going to take responsibility for buying them. Why in the hell would ANYONE not take responsibility for their actions?! Do you know how many people we have devoted our hours of training, discussions, suggestions and guidance to only for them to not take responsibility for self sabotaging their and our efforts!?

When it comes to taking responsibility for ones actions, why do some shy away?! As if they are ashamed of what they have chosen to do. Would you be ashamed of a set of tires you bought? No, because you thought out all possible reasons why or why not you should purchase a certain set. So, take responsibility for eating a 50 piece of fried whatever or not making it in to the gym because of excuse #57 & #22. Especially if you are going to complain about weight loss or how you can’t recover from workouts. Take responsibility for not showing up to workout and not putting in the work that is required to obtain a goal. Be a responsible adult.

We love each and every one of you that walks in our doors. We take each of you in and expect nothing less than what we give you. We believe every story you tell us, every reason why you have failed thus far, every sob story of why you haven’t been successful. We don’t judge and for the most part, we don’t ask anything of you. The one thing we ask for is your all. We don’t put together half of a workout for you to do, or put your safety second to intensity, etc etc. So, why give us less than 100% effort in return? We have given our all to too many people just for them to up a disappear or eat crap all week long or any other sort of slap in the face.

Having said all this does not mean we are upset with you or anyone in particular. Just take responsibility people. Eating junk and sucking wind at the gym? Take responsibility and clean it up? Did you put in the work that you told us you were going to do in order to get to that goal? Take responsibility and tell us why you didn’t. We love talking to you all, helping you through tough times, talking you through a diet and workouts. But, if you are not going to give us 100%, please don’t ask it from your coach.

Finally, if you set goals for yourself for the new year, hopefully this struck a cord with you. Some of you have told us some of your goals, like lifting a certain amount of weight. Please, understand that nothing comes without sacrifice. You cannot obtain that goal with giving something up along the way. That may be time with family, a certain sweet treat you love, sleep or any other glorious thing you’d so much rather be doing/having instead of hard work to get to that goal.

So, if you make any commitment this year, make the commitment to be responsible for your actions and put in the work you wish you did last year. We love you all with our whole hearts and want nothing but the best for you all.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Skill: Double Unders

5 Rounds for time: -300m Row -20 Double Unders/60 Singles

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Skill: Snatch Pull

12:00 Ladder -2 Overhead Squats (95/65) -20 Double Unders -4 OHS -20 Double Unders -6 OHS -20 Double Unders…etc.


This is our community right here! Shane finishing his last Pullups and everyone cheering him on!

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