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This morning we had class, a partner workout as usual, and had a girl drop in from Florida while in town visiting family. I was quickly reminded what my mom always says:

“Kill them with kindness

She comes in, I introduce her to the crew, get to know her through some small talk and we proceed with the warm-up, stretch, skill, etc. When it was all said and done, even if it was a casual saying, she says, “everyone is very welcoming.” It hits me. Our athletes/members are the best there is.

I try very hard to make the gym a place people can call home, a place people can come and feel accepted and leave all the stress of life at another place. I try to keep things clean so people can feel comfortable and let loose when they come through those doors. I continue to strive for greatness from my self and through the coaching we provide. I want people to be the BEST version of themselves and I want to have a hand it helping them achieve that.

The reason I continue to aim for these things is you guys. You guys keep my love for the gym intact. You all make me laugh, make me think, make me study and make me look hard for every detail. I truly love what I do and love my athletes. You guys impress me day in and day out.

To our visitor this morning, thanks for coming by and reminding me today that kindness goes a long way and that I hope I have impacted some of our athletes lives enough to keep that kindness going.


I always want to know how things work and could work better….keep me on my toes people!

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