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Nutrition Step 2

Well everyone, hopefully you saw our post on your step 1 for nutrition with us. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, click here to check it out.

Now, your step 2 is not a complicated one, as some may think. Instead, it takes a bit of effort when getting started and effort to keep it going. Something you must know, if you plan on improving your aesthetic look/your athletic performance, you need to understand that no one will do it for you but you. You have to take responsibility, that is step 2.

Your step 2 starts with research. Research foods, research recipes, research a nutrition expert, etc. What this means is, you’re going to have to take some responsibility for your current situation. Most people want an answer, a pill or a drink that will help versus just good ol’ eating clean. Well, say you eat clean and have stalled on your progression? Time to search out someone who can tell you how much food goes into your body and how much you’ll need. Even still, once someone tells you how much you need in food amounts/macros, its still up to you to get those foods in your body and be prepared for those numbers so you don’t fail there.

Basically what this boils down to is to understand where you are in your current diet:

(1) Do you cook?

– If yes, great, let’s start searching for clean, healthy recipes and start there. This can result in a huge change for most people. Don’t cook? Better start learning to do it on your own!

(2) So you cook and you eat pretty clean….most of the time, what now?

– If nutrition has upwards of 80% of an affect on your body composition and performance, then it’s even more important that you try to improve how much or often you eat clean. Maybe you’re a week on, week off type of person or a good all week and really bad on the weekend. Have you been stuck where you are as well because of this? Try eating better MORE often than your current situation. See what happens then…

(3) So you cook, eat clean and prep your meals almost all the time but still haven’t seen results your after. What now?!

– The true answer is to seek out a professional. Plain and simple. They’re going to ask if you do the above, so if you don’t, don’t skip steps or else we can see some failure for sure. Plus, why pay for something like a nutritionist if you don’t prep your meals or eat clean majority of the time?! Trust me, this process is tedious and takes a lot of time but if you’re disciplined enough, then you can really see some great results.

All in all, it’s up to you. Hope this helps up to this point and there will be more to contemplate in other posts coming this month on our nutrition enforcements.

Final thought….everyone has a different nutrition prescription or goals, so you can never compare yourself to others or you’ll be in a trap of crazy head talk…

Found this book at Costco…if you’re just starting out eating right or cooking, things like this can be a huge help!

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