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New classes coming to Swink CrossFit!

Moving big weight not your thing?! Love moving big weight?! Scared but interested in moving big weight?!

We get all of these issues quite often, which is why we are updating our schedule and class options!

1st, you may have to go a read up on our new separation of our current classes, to a level 1 and level 2. The post is titled “New New-ness” and you can also find the link on our facebook page at

These separations will take place on March 4th and this tackles the issue of the person who likes to move heavy weight and the person who is scared but interested in moving heavy weight.

2nd, we are tackling the issue of the person who has no interest in moving heavy weight. I’m sure you may be wondering more of what we mean when we say “no interest”.  This new class is going to be our conditioning class which IS NOT based around weight lifting and pullups and how fast your Fran time is. Instead, we are getting you in great shape by doing body weight movements such as air squats, sprinting, mountain climbers, etc.!  This class is going to be no slacker class either!  We will work hard, train hard, and reap the benefits as well!

When is this class?  We will be replacing our Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 6:30pm class with this new class option. Saturdays at 9:15am*. If this has already sparked your curiosity, great, because we are having a trial period where you get to try this class out for FREE!  Anyone wanting to try this class and see if they want to join will have the opportunity to for a week. We are allowing anyone to join us from March 4th-9th. After this free week, we will prorate you for the remainder of the month and just like our other pricing, this will run for the entire month and not just for 4 weeks.

The price for this class will be $150.  This class is designed to get anyone is shape and to condition them to the MAX!  It is a separate class all together from our level 1 and 2 classes and cannot be intermixed, meaning if a level 1 or 2 member misses they’re class option, they cannot just drop into the conditioning class. If someone wants to join in this class, the $15 drop in fee still applies. Also, if someone in our level 1 or 2 class wants to do this conditioning class in addition to what they are currently doing, they can add it at a small addition of $45. Our military, fire/EMT/police, teacher /full time student discount still applies to this.

Finally, we are adding Saturday Classes!!  On Saturday March 9th, we will begin this class which is at 9:15 (allowing time for yoga to clear out) and it is another class option for our members and the fourth option for the conditioning class.  This will be our “Community” class which allows the community to come try our programming for free.

I hope this answers any questions about this class you may have and if you have any more, please ask away. You can contact us at 214-682-2706 (call or text) or email at  It’s time to get in shape and we are here to help everyone!  See you soon!

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