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More than a 5K

Today, we tricked you. Today, we had a phony workout we posted and then surprised you with a 5K run. Understand something, it’s never so we can laugh in a corner as “hateful” people or have any malicious intent when we give you this type of workout. It’s to challenge you.

First of all, we are so proud of you all who took on this 5K. It’s not easy to be surprised with one of those and then be excited to do it then actually do it. But you all overcame that initial fear, the initial upset, and tackled this challenge head on. Congrats to that.

Now, to the reason for the title of this post. More often than not, comfort is the enemy. Not a comfy couch or a comfy robe…those are great things actually! The comfort we’re talking about is the one that led you to join the gym. The one that led you to clean up your diet. The one that makes you crazy because you like CrossFit! Comfort, in this case, is the air conditioned gym, the reps you know you’ll do, the side of the gym you like the most, like by the fan, etc etc. We have to push those comfort zones from time to time, surprise the body, make it go through a “fight or flight” to challenge it. Everyone stepped up to the challenge and we’re all so proud, we can’t say it enough.

It simple terms we hope this can transfer into other areas of your life, face any challenge head on. Because at Swink, we’re not trying to make weak people. We’re not trying to make people who give up easy. We’re in the business to make fast, strong and determined people both physically and mentally. You are Swink.

Just some fun pictures of some of the groups today….and Bobby!

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