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Monday, time to start…

So, back in Nov/Dec sometime, we brought up that there was an online Row competition that you’d be able to do in the comfort of our own gym. It would just be a way to test your hard work in a fun, competitive way. Those scores for the first week are due Monday no later than 7pm.

So, about this. While we are very excited about this competition, we think some have avoided it because of the “I don’t like rowing” or “I won’t do good anyway” thoughts and fears.

We are not in the business of “complacency” and being okay with good enough. We are always trying to improve and be better at what we do and hopefully that pours into our product of coaching/gym experience for you. We are taking 2016 on with the idea that we are never going to back out or down because of fear or disinterest.  We want you to do the same!  We ask that you have the same ideas going forward with the gym, with diet, with life…no fear.

Fear cannot rule you.  Oh, and you can still sign up at if, ya know, you feel compelled.

Now, these:



They are strength charts for a program…please ask your coach about these tomorrow.

Swink Intro -Foam Roller, small areas -Review Squat

Skill: -MedBall Front Squat -Jumprope

3 Rounds of: -400m Run -50 Singles -20 MedBall Front Squats

Core: -3×1:00 Planks

Swink Sweat Grab a Partner! Complete the following: -800m Run together Then, 10 Rounds (5/partner) of: -Walking Lunges -10 Box Jumps -Walking Lunges -10 T-Planks Then, -800m Run together

Swink Fundamentals -Glute Strength

Strength: -5×3 Back Squats @80%

-Shoulder Mobility

Skill: -Squat Clean

For Time: -30 Squat Cleans -30 Burpees

Core: -3×10 GHD Situps -3×10 Weighted Hip Extensions

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength -Glute Strength

Strength: Clean and Jerk – 70%×1, 75%×1, 80%×1, 2×1 @85% -6×3 Back Squats @78%

6:00 EMOTM -1 Tough Snatch -5 Chest 2 Bar

Core: -3×10 GHD Situps -3×10 Weighted Hip Extensions

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