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Monday, start of the new year!

Who is ready for 2016….WE ARE!!

We hope the start of this year is what you want it to be and we hope we’re a part of that “want.”  This year we plan to do more, accomplish more, try more, live more and LIFT MORE!  We urge you to take on this journey with us as we begin 2016 with a bang.

Now, tomorrow we begin an Intro Course for people just starting with Swink. Nothing new for you all, however, all we ask is that you do go out of your way to introduce yourself to a stranger and make them feel welcome. Everyone is a stranger at some point, reach out to them. Thank you in advance.

Swink Intro -Foam Roller explanation (lower body) -Importance of power stance

Skill: -Rowing

Row Intervals: 6-10 Rounds of 1:00 on/30 sec off

Core: -Learning Hollow Body

Swink Sweat 3 Rounds of 2:00 stations (40 sec on/20 sec off ) -Sideways Rope Slams -Single-leg Box Steps -Calorie Row Sprint -Sumo kick

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength -Glute Strength

Strength (15:00): -5×5 Back Squats @75% -5×5 Strict Press

2 Rounds For Time: -40 WallBalls -20 Power Cleans (115/75)

Core: -3×10 Weighted Hip Extensions -3×Max Strict Toes 2 Bar

Extra Credit (Fund.) -100/150 Double Unders for time

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength -Glute Strength

Strength: Clean & Jerk -2×(1×1 @70%, 1×1 @75%, 1×1@80%) -6×3 Back Squats @75%

EMOTM for 8:00 -2 Tough Snatches

Core: -3×10 Weighted Hip Extensions -3×Max Strict Toes 2 Bar

Extra Credit (Perf.) -do Fundamentals workout


Our fun group from New Years Day!

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