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Monday/Read Me!

We have a couple of things to go over, so please read.

1) There is no class this Saturday. We are going to CrossFit Success in Burleson for the Raising the Bar competition. It is a partner competition and we have 8 teams going. If you can/would like to come out and support our teams, please feel free, we’d love the extra cheers! It starts at 9am and will most likely go until 3-4.

2) We didn’t get to tell everyone and sometimes forgot to tell or remind you all, but we are trying to get everyone from the gym to take on the month long challenge to remove added sugars from our diets. Last week we encouraged you all to make note of what you ate or drank that had added sugars that do not naturally exist in foods (such as fruit). This week the challenge is to remove one of those items from you diet per day. Say you notice that you have sweet tea, some sort of candy and maybe an energy drink per day or average that per day. Well, this week you are to remove one of those items each day.

3) If you are doing the competition this Saturday, on Thursday, we will be practicing the movements, going over standards and strategies and refining techniques. If you can make it that would be awesome. We will start around 5:45.

4) A letter to the Performance class. We designed and created this class to: (A) give those who wanted it/needed it an added challenge to their normal CrossFit routine (B) make the programming challenging and progressive over time as well as highly technical (C) hopefully get some competitors built from this class

Having said those things, it is YOUR responsibility to improve on those things. We can only do and give you all so much during the hour we see you. Not recovering good enough? Well, how’s your diet?! Can’t get those pullups? We wrote a program for you that requires you to give another 5 min to before or after class. Need some mobility? We have posters that give you movements to do to help improve this. We try to give you all the most comprehensive program during the hour that we have you, but you also have a responsibility the other 23 hours we don’t see you. If you want to continue to progress in this class, please, utilize the time you aren’t with us to maximize the hour that you are with us.

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Handstands

5 Rounds of: -400m Run -1:00 of accumulated Handstand hold

Swink Performance Strength: (A1) 3×10 Unbroken Thrusters, build (A2) 3×15 Hollow Rocks

(B1) Snatch Progressions

(C1) 5×2 Snatch, build


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