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Monday, Read Me.

Alright everyone, we have a few changes ahead that we need to make you aware of.

First and foremost, we are doing away with the Performance and Fundamentals separation. For many reasons we had the classes separated. Now that we have a dedicated Intro Program, which begins again on April 18th, we can do away with the separate classes. Now, all class times will be “Fundamentals” and available to everyone.

This brings us to those wanting more, wanting to train a bit harder. You can almost guarantee that the 9am and 5:30pm classes will still be intense, seeing as how those were the past “Performance” classes. However, we will be writing a separate, on your own type of program. This, of course, will be named “Performance.” It can be done when you have time to, separate from a class, as long as there is adequate space. Classes are always priority.

Now that we covered that, we are going to inform you all on our Intro Program, as it is ever evolving. The Intro Program can be done 2 ways, either with a class or one-on-one. The class can only be joined when it starts. The next class starts April 18th. One-on-one’s can begin at any time, at different times of the day. Pricing for the class is $115/person for 6-weeks. The price for one-on-one is $220 for 20 classes. The difference this go around is there are mandatory “items” that must be completed before a person can graduate into Fundamental classes.

Ok, phweew, that was a lot and that’s all for now everyone. Until tomorrow’s post…

Swink Sweat Tabata for each w/:45 rest between rounds -MB Lunges -MB Russian Twists -MB Presses -MB Squat Cleans -MB Situps *5 Burpee penalty for dropping during movement

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength -Glute Strength

Strength: -3×10 (5/Leg) Back Rack Lunges -3×10-15 DB Strict Press

For Time: -800m Run -40 Shoulder to Overhead RX(95/65) RX+(155/115)

Core: 3 Sets: -15 GHD Situps -30sec Plank

Swink Performance To be done after Fundamentals AKA “Session 2” Recover from above For Maximum Weight: 10:00 to get as far as possible: -200m Run -5 Clean and Jerks Weights: (95/65) (135/95) (165/115) (185/135) Max Reps at(205/155)


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