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Monday – LET’S BEGIN!

Today it begins! Fitness challenge and our nutrition challenge begin today and we could not be more excited for everyone’s involvement and results. So, a couple of important things to cover:

1) The Paleo Challenge app is a great opportunity to track how you’re doing. Make sure if you’re signed up for this, you click on the “Messages” icon. There, you’ll find tips and motivation to keep going. There is also a question it asks you and we encourage you to fill it out to see where you began.

2) During the Fitness challenge, we are testing you across multiple disciplines and movements. There are 6 tests that you will complete over the next 2 weeks. If you can’t make the days at the gym when we do the workouts, you really need to come in to any open gym option and complete them. The whole reason the Fitness challenge is going on is to be able to track your progress. If you have no baseline to go off of, you will not see your progress.

3) Monday and Friday this week, you’ll be tested. This Saturday is another test, the 5K. Make sure to do these challenges this week! Next week we will 3 more to complete. All of the tests need to be completed by next Saturday the 25th.

4) We have 2 events this Saturday! Not only an Open House this Saturday, immediately following the 5K, but also our Potluck, Post Open celebration that evening. Please, we’d love you ALL to be there, at both events. We’d also love you to invite any and all to the Open House and all family is welcome for the Potluck.

5) Thursday at 6pm, we’re doing a Clean clinic. This is a great opportunity to improve or learn all variations of the Clean. Be sure to try and be there, next week a few of the tests will have Cleans in them.

6) Finally, each week, we’re going to write down tips and recipes on the white boards on the “chalk wall” so be looking for ways to improve if not compliment your nutrition goals.

Here we go!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Pullups -Pushups

Fitness Challenge Test #1 “ANGIE” For Time -100 Pullups -100 Pushups -100 Situps -100 Squats

This is our first test, let’s have some fun doing it!


Pullups can be modified and will be modified in this workout, so don’t you worry your little hearts!

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