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Monday, Challenges begin!

Our Fitness and Nutrition challenges begin for the entire gym, every class!

So, this is what it looks like:

Fitness Challenge starts today, Monday the 27th and has 2 weeks of testing. We retest these on October 19th – October 30th.

Nutrition Challenge begins today and last for 1 month. We’ll repeat it 2 more times for a total of 3, 1 month challenges. Those dates are:

•Round 1, July 27th-Aug 23rd •Round 2, Aug 24rd-Sep 20th •Round 3, Sep 21st-Oct.18th

During the first month of the nutrition challenge, our goal for those needing to clean up their diet or to get back on track, is to start cleaning it up! It breaks down like this:

-Week 1, focus and pay attention, if not track (write down, use an app, etc) the amount and type of food and drinks you’re having.

-Week 2, cut back on some of what you consider and what your coach consider to be the easiest for you to get rid of/add to your diet. This can be getting rid of drinking sodas to making sure you include breakfast if you currently don’t eat it.

–Week 3, continue to progress with week 1 and week 2 goals. It’s very important that during this week, by far the toughest week of cleaning up the diet, that you keep communicating with your struggles and reach out for support. This week is usually where most people see how hard it is to quit an addiction they never knew they had, like sugar or breads.

-Week 4, by this week we want you to have a good idea and grasp on what your body responds to, what you should be doing without and where gaps are in your nutrition. It doesn’t even have to specific, but notice maybe if you feel fatigued, if your always hungry, if your moody, etc. Also, by this week we want you to have a good idea of what “clean eating” or even what Paleo is all about. We want to start that 2nd month full steam ahead and you be very informed on what to expect.

Mind you, these fitness and nutrition challenges are meant for those wanting to get fitter, healthier and stronger. If you’re comfortable where you are, that’s quite alright. If your goal is weightloss, gaining muscle, getting faster and stronger, then please participate. We want to support everyone in their goals and by participating in this together, we all can succeed.

Also, know that we demand that you work hard at this. Doing any of these challenges with moderate consistency will only result in moderate results, if that. We get you, hopefully, 3x a week for 1 hour at a time. That’s 3 hours per week we can monitor you and check in on you. There’s 165 more hours throughout that week where you can go wrong. This is why we demand and encourage being consistent.

Now is where we give you homework. Please read up on and familiarize yourself with the Paleo diet, what it is, what you avoid and what is allowed. Basically, it’s cleaning up your diet and taking out the processed foods and drinks. It also puts little emphasis on portions. As we progress through these challenges, we’ll make sure you all better understand portions and other factors of eating clean.

Finally, we know that food is always the best medicine, but sometimes getting what we need is hard, as far as nutrients and replenishing energy/muscle. We do carry and can order some of the highest quality products and supplements on the market. We have protein that is grass fed animals which allows for an “unfooled-around-with” product, to FitAid which is paleo friendly, to energy/pre workout/post workout, etc, which is all pharmaceutical grade without all the added sweetners and colors other brands have. Just ask us about these products and we can help guide you!

Now onto the tests for the day.

Swink Sweat Test #1 -3×1000m Row Sprints with 2:00 rest between each

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill (Fundamentals): -Rowing -Clean and Jerk

Strength (Performance): -3×3 Front Squats @70% -3×3 Strict Press

Test #1 10:00 EMOTM -5 Clean and Jerks -Max Calories with remaining time

Core: -3×15/side Anti Rotation Presses


Again sending out a Happy Birthday to Julie!

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