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Monday 9-29-14

Well, last week was certainly a surprise type of week!  On Tuesday we did the 5K Row and Saturday morning we started the workout off with a 1.2 mile run!  It was definitely a longer workout week and you all stepped up to the challenge for sure, be proud of that.

A couple of things we want to go over for the upcoming week:

1) The workouts The workouts last week were long and the intensity was low but because it is hard to keep intensity high for a long time frame. This week, we are actually taking a rest/recovery week. This means that not only do we want your intensity to stay low but we will also be doing short workouts.  This is by design and please try to resist.  Don’t worry though, next week we will be back at it!

2) Nutrition We’ve always struggled with trying to give info to you all on nutrition. The main reason is the amount of info there is on the subject. Instead of telling you what you need to eat, we’re going to inform you, basically the same way we informed ourselves when it came time to start eating healthier. We know there is no cookie cutter plan for everyone, that nutrition affects some differently than others. So, we will have themes for each week and we’ll be giving you some info on Mon, Wed, and Fri at the gym.

3) Monthly Dues The 1st is this Wednesday which means your dues are due no later than Friday the 3rd. If you are on auto debit, you’re set. Also, we want you to spread the word about our place to your friends and family. If you get those friends or family members to come and sign up we will reward you with a discount!  The more you bring, the more of a discount you get!  Also, if that person you bring comes to the gym and they sign up the same day, we will also give them a discount on their first full month. If you have any questions on this, ask us! 

Now the workout!

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill: Front Rack

Strength: -3×5 Front Squats, build

For Time: 5-4-3-2-1 reps of -Front Squat, with weight used from above -in between each round, 500m Row

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -3×5 Back Squats, 13X1, across

For Time: 5-4-3-2-1 -Bar Muscle Ups -Clean and Jerks


Forgot we had this photo. This is Sloan Littleton and we love this little girl!

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