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Monday 9-25-17

Well week 1 of the Team Series was no joke! Some of you will be finishing up your workout a today but do make sure you snag someone to count for you. For everyone else, back to a normal workout today, tomorrow and Wednesday before we see what week 2 of the Team Series has in store for us.

Swink Sweat

8 Rounds of:

-200m Run

-24ft Walking Lunges

-24ft Bear Crawl

Tabata Row for Calories

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


-4×10 Back Squats, as tough as you can for each set

-4×10-15 Seated DB Presses

6:00 AMRAP:

-5 Power Cleans

-10 Front Rack Lunges

-5 Shoulder to Overhead

*all of the movements must be unbroken to get 1 rep


-100 Hollow Rocks

A simple high five can be the best encouragement to keep going. Support each other by giving each other this encouragement.


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