• Betsy

Monday 9-24-16

We’re baaaaack…..and we’re ready to train and see all of your faces again! It’s good to be home. Here we go:

Swink Sweat

For Time:

-100 Cleans*

*Every minute on the minute, and at the beginning of the workout, you must do 3 Burpees

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility

-Glute Strength


1 set, every 3:00

-1×8 Back Squats @80% of 10RM

-1×6 Back Squats @85% of 10RM

-1×4 Back Squats @90% of 10RM

For Time (12:00 cutoff):

-800m Run

-50 WallBalls


3 Sets of:

-12 RDL’S, tough

-as long as possible, hold a “Dragon Flag”

We got plenty of rest, needless to say.

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