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Monday 9-19-16

Just a reminder everyone, this Saturday evening starting at 6pm we are having our community get together, the Southbound Throwdown. All are welcome, there will be a workout you can do and there will be a couple of fun vendors there to say hey! Come on out everyone and meet some new people, support Swink and have a good time!

Now, Friday we did trick you but so proud of how you all stepped up to the challenge. We had workouts posted, those are the ones we are doing today, promise!

Swink Sweat





Swink Fundamentals

-Ankle Mobility/Strength


-HSPU, 5×Max Strict

3 Sets, each For Time, rest as needed:

-2oom Run

-12 Pushups

-6 Deadlifts RX (185/135) RX+ (275/205)

So thirsty for the Aid!

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