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Monday 9-11-17

It’s been 16 years since 9/11 and some of us can still remember exactly where we were, what we wore, what we saw, etc, on that day. On that day, a lot of innocent lives were lost and many were our first responders running to the trouble. Today, we honor them and everyone who lost their lives that day.

Today’s workout will be with a partner, but in the case that we have odd number-s, it can be done as a trio or on your own of course.

Swink Sweat & Fundamentals

-A little shoulder love!

For Time, with a partner:

2001m Run total, broken up in 400m at a time:

-(1) Run together

-(2) “Run” with a bar, switch as needed

-(3) “Run” with a plate, switch as needed, RX (45/35)

-(4) “Run” with a plate, switch as needed

-(5) “Run” with a DB, RX (50/35)

Then, 9 Rounds of:

-11 Deadlifts, RX (225/165)

-11 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

-11 Strict Pullups/Pushups

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