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Monday 8-7-17

What a show the CrossFit Games were. Now if you missed anything, you can now go back on and watch every bit of it, binge watch it even.

Now that the Games are over, we’re on to the next phase, THE TEAM SERIES!!! The Team Series, this year, is a partner competition, all in the comforts of our gym. Just like the Open, the workouts will be released and we’ll have a certain time fram to complete them and then put the scores in online. Who’s ready?!

Swink Sweat

4 Rounds of:

-1:00 MedBall Shuffle

-1:00 Max Split Squats/Max Sprinter Crunches

-1:00 rest

Swink Fundamentals

Guys, we’re trying something new, so bare with us as we see how it fits AND please give us any feedback


-3RM Push Press, 2×3 @90%

-3RM Back Squat, 2×3 @90%

6:00 For Max Reps:

– Max Strict Pullups, (once/if you hit 50 reps, you can kip)

-Everytime you come down, you must do 8 Front Squats, RX (95/65) RX+(185/125)

Make sure to mark your calendars for Aug. 19th for this great event

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