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Monday 8-5-13

What a weekend!  We had an amazing time at the Raising the Bar for Austism event at CrossFit Success. We had 2 teams that went out there and competed and we couldn’t be more proud of them! This Friday night is the 5th South Bound Throwdown and we want everyone to be in attendance!  It’s going to be the biggest and baddest one yet!  All the festivities start at 6pm! We start a new month of programming, goals and workouts for you guys and we’ll be experimenting a lot over this next week and month. Bear with us as we try new things to get different results, all goood results of course!

Swink Performance & Fundamentals -Shoulder mobility/strentgh session

For Time: -150m Run (1 Lap) P: (:45-1:00) -30 Wall Balls (20/14) -300m Run (2 Laps) P: (1:30-2:00) -25 Wall Balls -450m Run (3 Laps) P: (2:15-3:00) -20 Wall Balls -600m Run (4 Laps) P: (3:00-4:00) -15 Wall Balls -750m Run (5 Laps) P: (3:45-5:00) -10 Wall Balls

Our group picture from this weekend. We had a blast and wish everyone could have been apart of it!  We even had some breakfast for our athletes and crew!  The signature “X” hand sign is now in effect!


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