• Betsy

Monday 8-4-14

Alright, it’s time.

Time to get stronger. Time to get faster. Time to master weaknesses. Time to dial in recovery. Time to stop making excuses for a bad diet.

Time to get yourself to the you, you always say you’re going to be one day.

Starting now, make the changes. As a whole, the entire gym, we will hold each other accountable.

Don’t forget, if you are not on automated payment, your membership is due TODAY. No later.

Swink Fundamentals Skill & Strength: -Strict Press, 3×5

EMOTM for 10:00 -10-15 Air Squats -5-8 Ring Rows

Swink Performance Strength (and only strength today): -5×5 Back Squat, across -7×2 Squat Clean, build -4×3 Snatch Deadlift, across


Strength in the X.

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