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Monday 8-3-15

Week 2 of the Fitness Challenge and Nutrition Challenge is here!

Week 1 was all about paying attention to what you’re eating and drinking and hopefully keeping some sort of a log along the way. Again, that log is what you’re going to use going forward, your only way to know how or where to improve. If you’re in the gym, wanting to get stronger or slimmer or faster, then you must realize that the food you eat and what you drink is your ticket to get those things. You cannot progress forward without proper nutrition, plain and simple. There is no shortcut and, without proper nutrition, there is no long term fix.

So, you’re in board, you’re ready for week 2. Here’s what you need to do:

-Take away one item (ex: soda, cookies, chips, etc.) that you know is hands down not good for you. You don’t need to know much about nutrition to know what does not belong in a healthy diet. If you have a hard time finding something, ask a coach so they can help identify something to take away.

What you need to do is take that one thing, remove it from this week and instead replace it with an alternative. An example might be instead of having an energy drink (Monster, Red Bull, etc.) we need you to have a drink that is actually good for you. The obvious answer is water. A fresh squeezed juice is also an option. A FitAid. BUT, do NOT replace it with an equally bad item.

Please let your coach know what it is your giving up so they can help keep you accountable through this process. Giving up one thing this week is truly all we ask. It’s very doable. You got this!

Swink Sweat Skill: -Ring Rows

Test #4 “Cindy” 20:00 AMRAP -5 Ring Rows -10 Pushups -15 Air Squats

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Mobility -Shoulder Strength

Skill (Fundamentals): -Snatch, the squat and modifications

Strength (Performance): -2×3 OHS @70% of Snatch -3×1 Hang Snatch @70%

Test #4 “Isabel” -30 Snatches for time

Core: -3×15/side Anti-Rotation Presses


If you want it to happen, know that it is going to take some hard work. We believe in you guys because if you can go through the workouts we give you, then you’ll be just fine through this journey!

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