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Monday 8-29-16

Alright everyone, we’re getting closer to the end of the month which means a whole new month is ahead of us. Remember, memberships are due at the beginning of the month and if your contract is up this month or even next month, please be sure to come see us about setting up your renewal.

Also, September is going to bring us some fun events. One of which is the Southbound Throwdown. It’s basically a community get together that is surrounded by a workout that anyone can do. Also, this year we are planning on having some vendors there to sweeten the deal!

Be on the lookout for the updates. Just keep an eye on our Facebook page and that’s also where you can find our event for the Throwdown. Now for today.

Swink Sweat

18:00 AMRAP

-14 Russian Twists w/ MB

-10 Curtsy Lunges

-6 Ring Rows, tough

-2 Bear Crawls

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility

-Shoulder Strength


-Hang Power Cleans

For Time:

-30 Calorie Row

-30 Bar Facing Burpees

-30 Hang Power Cleans, RX (105/75) RX+ (135/95)


-4×30 sec GHD Hold, can weight these if you’d like

This guy seems ready to do all the cleans!

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