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Monday 8-28-17

Well how many of you were bummed about that fight Saturday night? Anyone surprised on the ending? Either way, if you watched it, was pretty entertaining.

Now don’t forget that the Team Series is coming up and we would love as many of you participating as we can get, because ya know, it’s fun! All you need is a partner, can be of the same sex or coed so snag someone by this week.

It’s a 2 week competition we do within our gyms walls. The first weeks workouts are released Sept. 20th and the second is Sept. 27th. This is a great way to challenge yourself guys and to step out of your comfort zones for sure.

Swink Sweat

4 Sets of :20 on, :20 off at each station:

-Battle Ropes/Ski

-DB Swings


-Speed Skaters

Repeat 2 more times


-3×15/leg, Single Leg RDLs

Swink Fundamentals

*toady we have a list of things to be done, does not have to be done all together, move at your own pace.

-Quad Mobility


-1RM Back Squat, 1×AMRAP @85% with a tempo of 30X1

-30 Strict HSPU, as few sets as possible

-30 Strict Pullups, as few sets as possible

-3×8-10 Stationary Lunge Single arm Presses/side

Come prepared everyone

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