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Monday 8-19-13

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to get back to work this week!  We are going to cover a lot and we want you to be there if you can!  Starting with Monday’s workout!  But, before hand, a bit of reading we want you to get in!

We are always trying to give you all new and better ways to get you all in shape, whether it be stronger, faster, etc.  This is all to be done in one hour. So, outside of class, we read, study, watch and learn new ways to improve what we do to make a quality product better!  We need help!  We need your help. You guys HAVE to do some research on your own, on diet. We can provide you a roadmap to the infinite amount of info, but we can’t give you everything in one hour, as much as we want to!  So please, this week as we give you websites and topics and such, please do your homework to make yourself the best version you possibly can!

Your first website to look up is Nom Nom Paleo. They have a whole side of the website dedicated to cookbooks and links for so many options on paleo. No, this is not the end all be all, paleo, but it is a great way to eat without counting or measuring. Also, the website is neat and they even have an app with recipes constantly added to it. Go check it out!

Swink Performance & Fundamentals Today is gymnastics day at the gym. Its an exciting day for us, because not only is it a challenge day but a day to set aside time to work on things that never seem to get a chance to get some love!  Today is Muscle Ups and Pistols (if time allows)

Muscle Ups 3 sets of: -10 Ring Pullups -10 Ring Dips -10 Muscle Up Transitions

Pistols (if time allows) 3 sets of: -10 Squat Rocks -10 One legged Box Squats -10 Pistol Attempts *all are 10 per leg

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