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Monday 8-17-15

Monday is here and it brings our 4th week of our Nutrition Challenge. Let’s recap:

1st week: -Focus/keep track of what you’re eating and drinking

2nd week: -Swap out something bad with something good

3rd week: -Have veggies that you prepare for at least 1 meal each day

Now, this week we need even more effort. We need prep. This week we need you to prep one meal for each day this week. The easiest? Most likely breakfast.

What we mean by prepping is that you plan ahead of time what you’re going to have for a meal. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. But, the goal is to plan. Use Monday to plan for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you throw in Sunday, which we hope you do, awesome! But the key is to be prepared with what you’re going to have so there is no room for failure.

Now, reminder that this Saturday we are hosting a small nutrition and mindset seminar hosted by us starting at noon! Please, if you can, be there. This will help you going into the 2nd month of the nutrition challenge and also heading into workouts/daily struggles.

Swink Sweat Skill: -Hanging Knee Raises

12:00 AMRAP -11 Hanging Knee Raises -9 Box Jumps -7 WallBalls Rest 3:00 -50 Cal Row SPRINT

Swink Fundamentals -Hamstring Mobility -Glute Strength

Strength: -3×3 Back Squats @100% of last Monday’s weight*

-3×3 Strict Press

*if you do not have a weight from last Monday, take 10:00 and build to a heavy 5 rep on Back Squat

Skill: -Single Arm DB Squat Clean

3 Rounds of: -1:00 Max Double Unders/Attempts -1:00 Max Single Arm DB Squat Clean Rest 1:00

Core: -3×15/side Anti-Rotation Band Presses

Swink Performance -Hamstring Mobility -Glute Strength

Strength: -3×3 Back Squats @100% of last Monday’s weight -1×3 Back Squats, AHAP

-3×3 Strict Press (+5lbs from last Monday)

EMOTM for 12:00 Odd Rounds: -8-15 Pushups, tough Even Rounds: -3 Front Squats, tough weight -3 Chest 2 Bar Pullups/Pullups

Core: -3×15/side Anti-Rotation Band Presses


This one comes from a tag on facebook from Misti. Looks delicious!

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