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Monday 8-14-17

Another week ahead of us and we are so ready for more great workouts.

In addition, don’t forget about this Saturday. We’re doing a bring a friend, family member, stranger, whoever this Saturday at 9:45am. It’ll be a workout for all levels. Also, we will have Virtuosity Shoppe and Mach1 Foods in the building doing all kinds of great things. Lastly, at 10:30am, there will be a Nutrition Lecture you won’t want to miss. Please clear your schedules and join us!

Swink Sweat

3 Sets of: 45sec on, 15sec off

-Bear Squats

-Box Jumps

-Box Bridges

-Calorie Row

-Hollow Rocks

Swink Fundamentals

This week will look almost identical to last. This is what we meant last week when we said we are trying something new and to bear with us.


-3RM Push Press, 2×3 @90%

-3RM Back Squat, 2×3 @90%

For Max Reps in 7:00:

-800m Run

-40 WallBalls

-Max Strict Pullups

Grab your buddy, let’s get signed up

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