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Monday 8-12-13

We want to start this post of by saying thank you!  Thank you to everyone who has believed in us when we threw workouts at you and you are like, “SAY WAAAAHHH!” Thank you to everyone who allowed us to try workouts on you and you were like, “SAY WAAAAAHHHH!” Thank you to everyone who stood by us when we wanted to try new things like the South Bound Throwdown and you didn’t understand why and were like, “SAY WAAAAAAHHHHH!” Seriously though, thank you to everyone one we have ever met, had drop in the gym, members who have come and gone, and those die hards we still have today, we couldn’t be where we are now without all of your help at some point in our existence. We are truly blessed and to have you all as a part of our Swink Family is an honor! 

Today we work together, Swink Performance and Fundamentals, to have this challenge done together! So here we go!

Swink Performance & Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

“Cardio Schmardio” For Time: -50 Burpees -100 Double Unders/300 Singles -2000m Row

*We will cut off the workout if the time does not allow for a finish. **Do NOT skip this workout either!

Thought you all would like this, your coaches having a chance to take a selfie on a Sunday. Frankly, we don’t know how all these people do it, the selfies!  The amount of time it takes to perfect “the selfie” could be used on so many things…book reading, MCAT exam, using deodorant, being a human being, the list goes on!  Either way, have fun!

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