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Monday 7-31-17

Guys, it’s Games week!!

The CrossFit Games begin this week and we….are….PUMPED. Expect to see some workouts similar, if not the same, to the ones they’re doing at the Games this week and maybe even next. Just a fun way for us to “compare” to the fittest on earth.

Also, we are always trying to improve what we’re doing for you guys and offer more. This will be in many forms but first, we have these for sale:

We can also offer you guys private lessons on specific things like the Clean and Jerk, Kipping, Double Unders, etc. Just let one of your coaches know if you’d like to schedule some extra work!

Swink Sweat

2×10:00 AMRAP, rest 2:00

-1000m Row

-100 High Knees

-10 Man Makers

*trying to match or beat 1st effort

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility

Strength (deload week):

-Hang Snatch, 5×3 @75% or something doable for an unbroken 3 rep, especially if form is an issue

-Front Squat, 4×3 @ 77-80%

*These lifts will be done every 1:30 with an 8:00 warm-up

“For Kristan (Member of the Month)”

For Time (15:00 cutoff):

-60 Double Unders

-30 Back Squats, RX(115/85)

-20 Burpees

-40 Double Unders

-20 Front Squats

-15 Burpees

-30 Double Unders

-10 OHS

-10 Burpees


-Accumulate 3:00 or 4:00 L-Sit

They’re almost here!


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