• Betsy

Monday 7-25-16

The CrossFit Games are over….😔😥

We hope you all got a chance to watch some of the action this weekend and hopefully got inspired! There is a lot to be said about all the performances this weekend but one thing that does stand out is this:

No one back down from challenges. That’s the most inspiring thing about the Games weekend. We could all take that as inspiration going forward, never back down, tackle things head on….sometimes literally!

Now to get back to some fun training.

Swink Sweat

3 Rounds of:

1:00 on/30sec transitions

-Rope Slams


-MB Squat Cleans


Swink Fundamentals

-Glute Strength


Lets do this:

-Find 1RM Front Squat (it might be hiding 😉)

For Time:

-400m Run

-500m Row

-20 Squat Cleans RX (135/95)


-50 AbMat with weight behind your head

Well that was an eventful/stressful weekend of viewing.

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