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Monday 7-18-16

Well, it’s here everyone….GAMES WEEK!

The CrossFit Games begin this week, Tuesday to be exact and we couldn’t be more excited. We hope you all are as pumped to watch as we are. In the meantime, go watch some of these “Road to the Games” videos featuring athletes you’ll be seeing this week.

RTTG 16.01 RTTG 16.02 RTTG 16.03 RTTG 16.04 RTTG 16.05 RTTG 16.06 RTTG 16.07 RTTG 16.08 RTTG 16.09 Who do you think will win this year for the girls and guys??

Also, don’t forget that Saturday, July 30th, we are having another Swink Family get together at Laura’s place. We will have time and address at the gym so mark your calendars.

Swink Sweat

3 Rounds of:

4:00 AMRAP

-500m Row, then,

-10 DB Swings

-10 Double Unders/attempts (20 Singles)

Swink Fundamentals

–Shoulder Strength



-Odd Rounds: Chinups/Chinup hold

-Even Rounds: Bent Over Rows

8:00 AMRAP

-7 Ring Rows, as tough as possible

-14 Sumo Deadlifts RX (185/135)


-3×Max Hold L-Sit

-3×20 Hip Extensions

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