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Monday 7-15-13

A lot of things happening this week and so I’m going to list them all for you as a reminder!

(1) SOUTHBOUND THROWDOWN!!!  Who’s pumped for it, because we are!!!  Friday night starting at 6pm and make sure to bring all your friends!  If you’re curious about the event, the link is on our Facebook page under the “events” tab, check it out!  This month is a partner workout, guy-guy and girl-girl.

(2) If you are ordering a jumprope from us, the custom one, your money is DUE!  No exceptions!  Cash or check only.

(3) Our new room is coming together, but we are still making room and removing/rearranging things to make the best use of space. All we ask is that you bear with us while we make some minor changes.

(4) CrossFit Success has invited us and held 2 spots for us as a gym to have 2 teams (2 guys 2 girls per team) compete in their competition.  This is an event to raise awareness and funds for Autism and we want to help for sure. We need all interested people to let us know tomorrow and we’ll be contacting some of you directly. It’s August 3rd and we really want to make these teams. We also want to represent as a gym and have other members head out there for the event and support the teams we send!

(5) Last one….NEW SHIRTS COMING THIS WEEK!!!  Just in time for the Throwdown and we would love for everyone to grab one and represent for Swink as we expect there to be even more people this month than in the past!  They are a reprint of the grey Swink CrossFit shirt, but in a Royal Heather Blue….basically your new favorite Tee!

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Ring Dips

5 Rounds for time -7 Ring Dips -9 Box Jumps -11 Hand Release Pushups

Swink Performance -Back Squat @83% 5×3 -Snatch Deadlift @103% 3×3 -Push Press @76% 5×5

3 sets (if time allows) -8 Pullups (add weight as needed); 21X0 -Max Abmat/GHD Situps; 2010


The group from this past weekend at The Fittest Summer down in The Woodlands. It was an awesome experience to be there cheering on/coaching the guys!  V, Tarric and Amanda from All or Nothing CrossFit and Chris from CrossFit 38:16.

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