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Monday 7-11-16

7-11! No, it’s not slurpee day, so don’t get crazy. However, the Nutrition Challenge has come to a close! YOU ALL DID IT! The real hope with it all was to encourage, inspire and hopefully even have some of you try something new. It totally did!

We’re going to keep the page open in case anyone wants ideas from posts on there, need recipes or even wants to check in every now and then.

As we get into July, our “Super Bowl” is coming up…THE CROSSFIT GAMES. They begin July 19th and last until that Sunday, the 24th. We’ll have them playing all day at the gym during the week, but you’ll be able to watch them at or stream them from their YouTube page.

Swink Intro

-Shoulder Mobility

-Shoulder Strength



3 Rounds of:


-10 Squat Cleans

Swink Sweat

Death by:

-Calorie Row (start at 2 and add 2 each minute until failure)

Rest 1:00

Death by:

-Cindy (1 Pullup, 2 Pushups, 3 Squats, add 1 rep until failure)

Rest 1:00

Death by:

-Jumprope (start at 5, add 5 each minute until failure)

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Strength

-Glute Strength


-Build to a tough 1 Rep Front Squat, about 88-90% of 1RM

12:00 EMOTM

-5 Strict Pullups

-1 Front Squat


-3×Max Time, Max Weight, Planks

Swink Performance

It’ll be on the board.

This was a fun time, we’ll be doing that more often in case you missed out.

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