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Monday 7-1-13

We have begun July!  Its a Monday, its the 1st of the month, what better way to start a program?!  Fundamentals crew, we have a line up of workouts that are sure to challenge you this month, expanding on the movements we push onto you! Performance crew, we start our strength program this month which is very exciting. We are scaling back on the “lay on your back, heavy breathing” workouts for a bit to make sure we gain in the strength department. That does not mean they wont show up every week! Let’s get to it!

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Power Cleans

10:00 AMRAP -5 Power Cleans -5 Pushups

Swink Performance Back Squats @75% 5×5 Clean Deadlift @90% 3×5 Push Press @70% 5×5

If time allows: 3 sets of -10 Pullups -Max Abmat Situps

I found this at the gym. Now, we weren’t bothered by having to change out the roll, that’s a no biggie. However, the laziness this shows is another issue. You are at a gym, a place of hard work, a place where you go to get away from lazy and motivation is high….then this happens. We’re showing you all this as a motivator for the upcoming month, DO NOT BE LAZY!  Be ready to work hard with no complaints and get rid of the lazy!  Amen!


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